RA Flexible Software Package Documentation  Release v4.4.0


Detailed Description

Security Modules.


 AWS Device Provisioning
 AWS Device Provisioning example software.
 Azure RTOS NetX Crypto HW Acceleration (rm_netx_secure_crypto)
 Hardware acceleration for the Netx Crypto implementation of the Microsoft Azure RTOS NetX Crypto API.
 Mbed Crypto H/W Acceleration (rm_psa_crypto)
 Hardware acceleration for the mbedCrypto implementation of the ARM PSA Crypto API.
 SCE Protected Mode
 Driver for the Secure Crypto Engine (SCE9) on RA MCUs.
 Secure Crypto Engine (r_sce_protected_cavp)
 Driver for the CAVP Certified Secure Crypto Engine (SCE) on RA MCUs.
 Secure Key Injection (r_sce_key_injection)
 Driver for the Secure Key Injection on RA MCUs.
 TinyCrypt H/W Acceleration (rm_tinycrypt_port)
 AES128 Hardware acceleration for TinyCrypt on the RA2 family.